Young people become “expensive” on Tinder thanks to the bio hit the psychology of the girls love cats, they all end up being “sen”

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Do you swipe right with a cat lover on Tinder?

In the time when people only had 1 second to choose “swipe right” or “swipe left” with you on Tinder, the choice of a magic profile picture is magic. Beautiful boys and girls with sparkling photos 1 day match is hundreds of people is not to be debated. However, sometimes you do not need a good photo, you can still make a lot of people fall in love thanks to the special technique and even a part of bio salty but like sea salt.

Recently, a guy has made the girls have to “swoon” enthusiastically even without showing their appearance on Tinder. He brought his boss photo is a super cute cat named Lu to “seduce” the group of girls who also have the same lotus position. Looking at the picture of this cute, fat cat, everyone automatically wipes. Obviously, a guy who loves cats is sure, has a degree of patience and knows how to take care of other people!

Not to mention, the long bio (compared to a normal bio on Tinder) also makes people unable to swipe left because it’s so impressive: “Hello, I’m Lu, 2 years old and weighing 4kg. Because of being very smart, I hacked my dad’s Facebook and came in. While there are so many female cats flirting with me, my dad just likes to stay home and touch my balls, it’s very disappointing, because of my cuteness and my safety. 2 marbles, can you pull my dad out of the house? Release your heart because I will release you and you can stroke me too. My father cooks very well, and is good, if he wants to spoil My dad can do it. Signed: Lu 2 year old is super cute “. Have you seen yourself “drowning” in this unmatched cuteness?

After being shared on the group, this lovely profile is making people stand still. Everyone wishes to have the opportunity to see this guy on Tinder to swipe right and always.

– Oh my god, so cute, no matter how handsome he is, he’s definitely interesting!

– Looking forward to match with you to talk.

– I like cats, too.

– Oh, a whole sea of ​​salt. Nothing has felt like wanting to date this guy to hold the cat.