When artisans create creative walls with Rolls-Royce Phantom!

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If you are a street artist, passionate about the color of Disco lights and also love luxury cars, is there any connection to the above?

The main character in this article – the special edition Rolls-Royce Phantom is the link for the aforesaid passions. This Phantom was transformed by an American street artist named Bradley Theodore. This colorful sedan variant can be considered a contemporary work of art, a combination of inherent luxury and the array of colors of a great wall painting.

No matter where it appears, this Phantom does not hide its prominence. This is not an official work from the British car company, this version was encountered at Abu Dhabi Motors in the United Arab Emirates UAE and is likely the order of a billionaire who likes ” excel. “

As for the color scheme or the idea of ​​the drawing, let the painting experts comment but it can be said that Bradley Theodore is famous for decoration like this. The owner of this Phantom has not been revealed but Abu Dhabi Motors has previously posted photos of the car on Facebook with the status line:

“Theodore has shocked and created a great attraction with the contemporary art world, becoming a genius in color scheme as well as affirming his own passion for fashion and personality. What will happen when combining the two concepts of art and luxury? ”

And the answer is the Rolls-Royce Phantom in this article! If you are not an artistic person or are often concerned about the resale value of a car, you certainly consider the original blue paint as a safe option. But for those who require creativity and creativity, there will certainly be no denying this work of Theodore.

In terms of interior, this variant retains the delicate beauty as when leaving Goodwood factory. Theodore chose to preserve and preserve the original beauty of the Phantom’s cabin .