Wald “transformed” the old Mercedes-Benz G-Class into the new AMG G63

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Wald International has successfully completed the task of upgrading a previous generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the result is that the old car looks like a modern AMG G63.

The bodykit that Wald offers to the  Mercedes-Benz G-Class is called Black Bison, which uses the original mounting points and is consistent with the 2013-2018 generation of the G-Class.

After being modified with a wide-body bodykit from Wald, the German SUV has been extended by 50mm at the front and rear width, which makes the car look bigger. In addition,  Wald’s G-Wagen also boasts the Panamericana grille at the front – the unique design of today’s high-end Mercedes-AMG models.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class also gets a new front bumper that integrates larger air intakes and auxiliary LEDs, while the new rear bumper also comes with a more aggressive diffuser.

To increase the driver’s night vision at night, Wald mounted the roof of the old G-Class with an LED light bar, the car also had a roof spoiler and could be fitted with a ventilated hood to the set. turbochargers under the nose “breathe easier”.

The sporty appearance of the SUV continues to be perfected with the exhaust system with side pipes, and the new 10.5 x 24 inch Y-shaped rims, these wheels are designed specifically for Wald by the car. , they are wrapped in Toyo brand terrain tires.

Unlike major changes on the outside, the interior and engine of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class are kept unchanged by Wald.