VinFast opened 18 service workshops across in Vietnamese

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On March 8, 2020, VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. simultaneously opened 18 service workshops at Vincom shopping center chain nationwide. With 41 car warranty and repair points in 30 provinces and cities, VinFast has become one of the 5 car manufacturers with the largest service workshop system in Vietnam after less than a year on the market.

18 newly opened service workshops are located in Vincom Shopping Centers, helping customers to conveniently combine shopping and entertainment needs when maintaining and repairing cars.

Proud to be the only automobile brand of Vietnamese people, VinFast always aims to become the best car care company. Consistent with that goal, besides researching and developing high-class, quality and safe products, VinFast has invested seriously and methodically to develop the system of showrooms, agents and translation workshops. extensive service, to meet the needs of customers.

VinFast service workshops are equipped with modern European-standard machines and equipment, ensuring to meet all customers’ car maintenance and repair needs.

Located in Vincom trade centers, 18 newly opened service workshops will be fully equipped with European-standard high-tech machines and equipment, such as 3D wheel alignment device, body and chassis straightening device with electronic measuring device, fault diagnosis equipment in the electrical system, exhaust gas analyzer, headlight deflection meter, modern water-based paint technology, electronic colorimeter …

According to the plan, this year, VinFast will continue to open nearly 80 new service workshops, bringing the total to nearly 120 factories nationwide, becoming the car company with the largest service workshop system and the only car manufacturer. most are present in all 63 provinces and cities. The extensive network of VinFast will ensure maximum convenience for customers throughout the vehicle usage process.

In parallel with the expansion of the network, VinFast also officially changed the After Sales Service Division to Customer Care Division, determined to become the best car company to serve customers in Vietnam , with class and professional services. Karma. VinFast is the pioneering car manufacturer that publishes the price list of spare parts on the website for customers to consult and take the initiative in repairing and replacing spare parts for the car.

By the end of 2020, VinFast will become the only car company in the market to have car repair and maintenance points in all provinces and cities, aiming to be the best car care company in Vietnam.

On the occasion of opening 18 new service workshops, VinFast will launch a free vehicle inspection program and offer a voucher worth VND 300,000 for the first 3,000 customers to use maintenance and repair services in March 2020. Customers can contact the hotline 1900.23.23.89 to book in advance for the best service./.