Valais MPs want wolf alert system

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Just accepted on Friday, the PDC motion requests that the population be alerted to the presence of one of the 30 wolves in the township. The government is not in favor of the system which it considers difficult to apply

The Grand Council of Valais instructed the government Friday to set up an alarm system against the wolf. The postulate, supported by Christian Democrat deputies from Upper Valais, passed the ramp by one voice.

The alert system must be aimed at animal keepers, residents and tourists. The Valais Council of State “took note and shares the concern” of the authors of the postulate but is not in favor of the system which it considers difficult to apply.

Risk of false information

Valais currently has at least thirty wolves, which can manifest their presence at any time throughout the territory, said Jacques Melly, head of the department of mobility, territory and the environment.

Since the wolf can cover large distances in a short time, it would be rare that the alert corresponds to the actual place of stay of the predator and would rather deliver false information as to the true presence of the wolf.

The postulate was accepted in a very close vote: 60 yes by 59 no.

Existing system in central Switzerland

A wolf attack in March 2019 is at the origin of the text. According to the authors of the postulate, the breeder tried to scare away the predator who “showed his teeth at a very short distance”.

The cantons of Uri, Obwalden and Lucerne have already introduced a wolf alert system by SMS. The goal is to better inform sheep and goat owners of the presence of a wolf in their area.