Two new versions of the Alpine A110 in preparation?

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Two new versions of the Alpine A110 could expand the current range in the coming months, dubbed 110R and A110 Targa.

A few days ago, Alpine unveiled an amazing concept at the International Automobile Festival. Called A110 SportsX , this elevated style study and extended to the false airs of SUV had inevitably piqued the curiosity of fans of the brand, who then logically thought that a high model on legs would soon appear. It is true that since the return of the Dieppe brand, rumors concerning the arrival of an SUV in the catalog were going well. However, it would seem that the manufacturer only wants to focus on one model, the A110 , while its range could just be extended in the coming months. If it is obviously necessary to take this information with tweezers, it is announced by our colleagues fromThe Automobile Review , which says that two versions should see the light of day.

The first, called Alpine A110 Targa would therefore allow you to wander your hair in the wind, without sacrificing the weight of the car, thanks to the choice of a lighter architecture than that of a standard convertible. If nothing has yet been officially confirmed, this variant would then be based on the Legend finish., the most opulent, offering a good endowment in terms of equipment. We must therefore expect to find the height-adjustable seats that can also be heated, as well as the 18-inch rims that we therefore already know. The Focal Hi-Fi system should also be renewed, still offered in the catalog of options. However, no mechanical modification should be made, the berlinette still retaining its 1.8-liter four-cylinder shared with the Renault Mégane RS .

An even more radical A110R?  

Last June, the brand lifted the veil on the A110S , a more dynamic version still claiming some 292 horsepower, against 252 for the standard version, while taking advantage of some improvements on the chassis side, with a ground clearance notably lowered by 4 mm. But Alpine does not intend to stop there, since it would indeed plan to launch an even more radical declination, soberly called A110R. According to our colleagues, it would then benefit from a damping signed Öhlins, while the torque could be raised to 350 Nm against 320 currently, which somewhat improve performance. Lighter, this version could also offer a new diffuser and a lighter hood, while carbon rims would also be offered. Finally, it could be that this Alpine A110R is inspired by the A110 SportsX concept by adopting wider tracks, in order to increase its efficiency.

Anyway, it will still be necessary to wait before knowing more about these two new versions, which could perhaps make their first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show, which will open its doors early next month. Finally, and this is good news, it is rumored that a manual transmission could finally make its arrival, which should certainly delight purists, while only an EDC double clutch transmission is currently offered.