Toulouse: In the metro, he refuses to muzzle his dog and takes out a syringe

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The owner of an American staffordshire terrier can travel in public transport , if his dog is registered with the LOF (Book of French origins) and provided that he wears a muzzle. The amstaff located Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. in the Trois-Cocus metro station in Toulouse did not have one. And his master refused to put one on him when two Tisséo security agents asked him to.

The thirty-something began to insult his interlocutors and to threaten them with a syringe, pretending to be sick with AIDS. He was disarmed by the agents, and arrested by the police from the North Specialized Field Brigade (BST). A detent knife and a little cannabis herb were found on him.

This man already known to justice was placed in police custody, while his dog was entrusted to the animal pound.