Top 3 anticipated cars at the Paris Motor Show 2019

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Besides VinFast representatives from Vietnam, there are still 3 models from famous brands are expected in the Paris Motor Show 2018.

  1. Kia ProCeed 2019

ProCeed will be announced at the Paris Motor Show this year and sold to users in 2019. According to pictures “leaked” before the car exhibition, Proceed 2019 expected will have a shot bake that retains some of the design lines of the previous GT series. This combination will make ProCeed extremely dynamic, eye-catching and judged to be the new “spearhead” of Kia in the small car segment.

Kia said it is likely to launch three versions of the ProCeed engine: 1.0L (rated 118 horsepower), 1.4L (138 hp) and 1.6L – Diesel fuel (estimated capacity 134 horsepower).

  1. Audi A4 2019

This year’s Audi A4 is also expected by the strong exterior of the car. The new 2019 will change the front bumper, some embossed lines on the body, the rear exhaust and all-weather Turbo exterior paint. In addition, Audi also revealed, the owner in addition to the standard A4 can also upgrade the exterior with optional S-line.

The technical changes of the new Audi A4 2019 are still in the secret and only revealed when the car officially appeared at the Paris Motor Show 2018. This is also one of the reasons. This car has received special attention from users ahead of the Paris car show.

  1. Mercedes Benz EQC

This is the first electric car Mercedes independently researched and completely not based on any commercial vehicles at the present time. It can be said that EQC is the crystallization of the longstanding foundation from the Mercedes brand, combined with the most advanced technology for electric cars today.

EQC was introduced at Mercedes’s own event in Stockholm, Sweden, in early September. During this event, the EQC appeared at about the same size as the Crossover GLC and featured a completely different design style. The car is equipped with modules with a total of more than 380 battery packs, allowing the car to travel about 320km. However, these parameters can completely change based on the price level and the development of electric cars in the future.

On October 2, 1818, the Paris Motor Show 2018 will officially take place in the presence of a series of names of the car world.