Toll free number, sale, abandonment… 121 measures handed over to the government to change animal conditions

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Fight against mistreatment , allocate funds to small structures or better inform the population … A report released on Tuesday recommends a series of measures to change the animal condition and make masters responsible. It was written by the National Assembly study group “animal condition” .

In a country where one in two French people has at least one pet, this study group, chaired by LREM MP for Alpes-Maritimes, Loïc Dombreval, interviewed nearly 200 people for six months. The result: a 312-page report containing 121 recommendations, including ten “flagship” proposals.

Animal rights representatives in France

“Animal protection is not embodied politically. Only an independent administrative authority can advance animal conditions and animal rights in France, ”Loïc Dombreval told AFP.

To remedy this, he suggests “creating a sort of human rights defender or a state secretariat dedicated to animal conditions, or even an inter-ministerial delegate who could deal with all these questions, like what is done in Belgium  ” . It also wishes to launch a national Internet portal dedicated to animal protection gathering all the updated information essential to future buyers, owners, associations, police, magistrates, prosecutors.

Dangerous dogs

And to help small shelters and local associations which “considerably lack the means”, he wants to create a National Fund for animal protection, “supplemented by an amount taken from electronic identification (microchip) and donations of all kinds “

As for so-called dangerous dogs , “the 1999 law must be reformed. The dogs that bite the most are not the ones that are categorized,” says the Vile councilor. “The classification in a category must be made on the basis of the behavior of the dog and not on its breed which has no scientific value! “, Says the veterinarian by training.

The evaluation of the dog would be “at a regulated and moderate price”. The veterinarian would test his behavior at one year and classify it in one of the four categories, “from the most harmless to the most dangerous”.

Animals prohibited for sale in pet stores

To fight against abandonment , a compulsory minimum knowledge certificate is proposed to hold a dog or a cat and a certificate of competence for an equine would be compulsory just like the sterilization of free cats and animals not intended for breeding. Banning the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores, fairs and exhibitions, and on generalist websites are among other key measures.

Regarding mistreatment, he advocates “the creation of a toll-free number for animal protection dedicated to reporting acts of mistreatment, as it exists for other subjects”. On the criminal side, he suggests “going to 3 years in prison and a 45,000 euro fine”, against currently “2 years and 30,000 euros”.