The Importance of Exercise in Dogs

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Exercise in dogs covers a series of vital needs to bring him a good life: he strengthens his body, makes his mind agile, strengthens the bond with his master and prevents diseases.

Exercise in dogs is as important as in people. We all know that  exercise – practiced regularly – brings, in addition to physical well-being, mental well-being.

Through physical activity, dogs can release tension and, in addition to a balanced diet, determine a healthy lifestyle. So why not give this basic health element to your dog? We will talk today about why it is important to make sure your dog follows a cardiovascular routine.

Exercise in dogs is essential to combat anxiety

Exercise has been shown to decrease anxiety in dogs. All owners must ensure that their puppies are in good physical shape; this simple measure will prevent you from finding your torn sofa when you get home.

We know that the lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead the dog to try to attract your attention by demonstrating destructive behaviors .

More frequent exercise, slower aging

Undoubtedly, in dogs, as in humans, doing the right amount of exercise can help maintain mental acuity. This results in a lower incidence of age-related illnesses.

Obviously, the exercise must be adapted to your animal’s life stage. Please note that  while it is true that older dogs must remain active, exceeding the limits will not bring any benefit. We therefore strongly recommend that you consult your veterinarian to find out what type of exercise is suitable for your dog, and how often.

Exercise in dogs

Exercise in Dogs Prevents Osteoarthritis

It is known that regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your dog’s joints healthy. Keep in mind that it’s not just about maintaining an adequate weight to avoid excess pressure. The exercise also keeps the joints lubricated while strengthening the support muscles.

A family that exercises by being united stays united

When dogs and their owners exercise together, their emotional bond is strengthened. Since exercise is a stimulating activity, sharing it creates positive friendship building. Even if it is a simple routine, like walking every day, it will improve your mental and cardiovascular balance .

Of course,  you should always put yourself in the place of your dog. For example, if you are going to run on the beach , you should be aware that shells can be painful for your dog’s sensitive paws. Also, exercising when the sun hits the most can cause heatstroke in your best friend.

All dogs need work

Tell yourself that the man has selected the dogs to carry out specific work . Thus, your friend’s ancestors were trained to hunt, keep herds or the like. It is therefore important that your dog can act, to a certain extent, according to his instincts.

It is not a question of taking him hunting  but of offering him interesting opportunities to carry out a task according to his needs. If a dog does not have a job appropriate for its breed and age, for example chasing a  frisbee , it will assign one itself, such as barking excessively when pedestrians pass by or knocking over the trash.

Exercise in dogs can go through ball games

Exercise in dogs leads to obedience

Who is a good boy? A child who is exercising. If you want your puppy to obey you more enthusiastically, the key could be a more interactive activity. When you spend time playing with your puppy and teaching him new games, the relationship becomes stronger and leads to more obedient behavior.

Paving the way for adequate socialization

Exercise can and should be part of a routine of exposure to other dogs, people and environmental stimuli. It is a very effective way to guide a young dog towards adequate socialization.

It is important to take into account that, for the majority of dogs, a simple walk in the block will not be enough to satisfy their aerobic exercise needs. However, a toy animated in the park with other dogs promotes its socialization and, at the same time, guarantees puppies and young dogs to make the adequate efforts.