The heated seats in BMW cars can be upgraded online

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According to BMW, functions on the current models of the brand will be able to upgrade online, customers can enable or disable features to find optimal comfort.

In a recent virtual reality presentation (streaming from Germany), BMW detailed a series of digital upgrades available for its models. The most special of them is that BMW will turn many options into software services.

For example, a BMW car can ship with all the hardware needed for things like adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights, and even heated seats. But then customers will be given the option to enable / disable these features through the new My BMW app. However, BMW said only some of the online upgrades are permanent, others are temporary.

BMW did not specify which features were in the “temporary” category, but it did mention that the online upgrade of “temporary” group features would range from three months to three years. In theory, this means you can enable heated seats in the winter and then disable them in the summer.

Activating features through online software upgrades is not a new thing in the world automotive industry, the pioneer in this area is Tesla with Autopilot system  . All Tesla models leave the factory with the hardware required for automated driving, but customers need to pay an additional $ 8,000 to activate the Full Self-Driving software package.

Tesla  has been controversial when disabling Autopilot features on used cars. And for BMW, when owners buy the option to upgrade a car, it doesn’t mean they will be retained when the car belongs to the new owner. BMW says it is still researching all the details for used cars.