Tesla Model 3, a 100 kWh battery approaching for record autonomy?

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The Model 3 could soon benefit from a 100 kWh battery, like the Model S.

The Tesla Model 3 could soon benefit from a new version with a 100 kWh battery, like its big sister the Model S. The information is still to be taken with tweezers, but it seems rather reliable. A developer would have discovered in the source code of the embedded software the mention, ” PACK_100_KWH “.

Towards record autonomy? 

The Model 3 “Great Autonomy” is content for the moment with a battery of 75 kWh which allows it to travel a distance of about 560 km (WLTP standard). A performance already remarkable and superior to the competition, but which does not reach the 610 km of the Model S.

Thus equipped, the Model 3 could become the new champion of electric autonomy. It remains to know the pricing positioning of such a version. Knowing that the Standard version starts at 43,600 euros and that it takes 53,000 euros for the “Great Autonomy”, we can expect a price that will happily exceed 60,000 euros. 

Between January and November 2019, Tesla sold 5,205 copies of its Model 3 in France, representing 13.5% of the market share in the electric car segment. The latter is still largely dominated by the Renault Zoé and its 44% market share. But things could well gradually evolve with the arrival of new vehicles like the Peugeot e208. 

Source: clean automobile