Tesla launches and updates many more “extreme” features in the future

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Recently, electric car company Tesla has officially introduced a new software update with changes such as increasing some voice commands, upgrading Autopilot autopilot function, automatically reading messages and many features. Other interesting features.

In a recent report, Tesla said it has increased a number of control commands such as “adjust the temperature to 70,” “open the storage compartment,” “turn on The Beatles music,” or “adjust the mirrors.” right rear. ”

What’s more, Tesla users can now conveniently read and respond to messages with just a scroll and a push of a button on the right hand side. Messages can be detected and read aloud at user request. When the button is pressed a second time, the driver can respond to messages easily just by voice, the system will automatically convert the content into text characters.

As for the autopilot system, the new version mainly updates the ability to view surrounding objects including traffic lights, signs, or road markings. This was an important step in the process of building Tesla ‘s 100% self-driving cars .

In addition, Tesla also aims to upgrade compact and smart this time. For example, a certain scene on the dashcam can be automatically saved every time the driver honk. Secondly, Tesla also introduced a ‘Camp Mode’ mode that can ‘program airflow, temperature, see internal lights or play music and charge other devices.’ 2 more games are Stardew Valley and Backgammon, along with the Tesla Theater with Twitch live game viewing facility.

As planned, Tesla will soon introduce new features in the next update.