“Stunned” when the “gold-plated” Rolls-Royce Phantom was used as … a taxi

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If you are planning to visit the Indian state of Kerala, you will definitely have to visit and admire this special taxi directly – a Rolls-Royce Phantom in a shiny “gold-plated” coat.

The main character in this article is a Rolls-Royce Phantom has just arrived in India, decorated in a layer of yellow chrome paste. Although not a rare model in India, this super-luxury car of Phantom will definitely be listed as “unique” here: gilded and used for the purpose of … a taxi.

In fact, according to information from Sputnik News, the car owned by a millionaire here, named Bobby Chemmanur, specializes in used to transport wealthy tourists when visiting the state of Kerala to the area. His vacation. And it would be reasonable for these travelers to get a ride on the Phantom after having “hooked up their purse” to choose a resort at Chemmanur’s luxury resort.

According to Gulf News, Chemmanur revealed in a video on WhatsApp that travelers will be able to enjoy the Rolls-Royce ‘taxi’ for 3 days and have 2 nights at a price of about 345 USD (8 million VND). .

As on the pictures, this is a 7th generation Phantom model , instead of the latest 8th generation. Chemmanur said it bought the car at a discounted price at an auction. The millionaire also admitted that using a luxury sedan as a taxi was not for profit purposes, but he wanted to realize a unique idea.