SPA animal Christmas: Adoptions of dogs and cats up 19%

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The French responded in number to this meeting given each year by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) . This year, the traditional Christmas of animals , organized last weekend, allowed 1,174 dogs and cats to find a new family before the end of year celebrations. This is 19% more than in 2018.

Despite the cancellation of its event on the Place de la République due to the different social movements in the capital, the teams of employees and volunteers “recalled that the adoption of a living being endowed with sensitivity is not not a surprise gift that we slip under the Christmas tree, but that it is essential to have carefully thought about this commitment, “said Friday the SPA in a press release.

“The objective of this Christmas for Animals is to give birth to beautiful stories of adoptions and the opportunity to pass on strong messages so that they last and multiply while respecting the animal”, recalled Jacques -Charles Fombonne, volunteer president of the SPA.