Small details make a big difference for Ford Ranger owners

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Unwilling to limit the capabilities of the Ford Ranger only to its globally recognized strengths such as superior flexibility or performance, Ford’s engineering and design team also pays attention to practical details for Pickup enthusiasts.

We can see some clear advantages of the Ranger such as powerful engine or large trunk size. What about the smaller details? Let’s explore 7 characteristics “small but martial”, a team of engineers at Ford focused on developing to make the Ranger and Ranger Raptor models a useful vehicle for all purposes in life, from work. entertainment

ISOfix system

Fixing child safety seats in the car is always a “headache” job for parents, and they often use the wrong way to fix this type of seat with adult seat belts. However, equipped with an ISOfix system with international standard seat fixing points, the Ford Ranger will help parents to do this job more easily, while minimizing risks for children from work on. In particular, the fixed bar at the bottom of the seat will ensure the removal and removal of child seat is always safe and convenient. Therefore, the Ranger is a perfect and safe vehicle for families.

Fixed hook system of goods

From exploring rugged trails to transporting kayaks or camping gear to remote areas, it’s all possible with the Ranger – a pickup with loads up to 1, 3 tons. To make the most of heavy cargo but still ensure absolute safety for both passengers and cargoes, Ford engineers have built a fixed hook system that can be folded down to the floor. trunk when not in use. From there, it helps the driver feel secure during the process of transporting to anywhere.

Central cruise control panel

All versions of the Ranger range are equipped with a central cruise control panel, which provides detailed data on fuel consumption, distance traveled, speed and even temperature. . Even the XL and XLS versions are equipped with a handy control panel, providing all the information needed to control every journey. On certain versions of Ranger Wildtrak, driver assistance technologies and safety features can be set right on this dashboard. As for the Ranger Raptor, the center console clearly displays the various driving modes along with important information when going off-road such as the angle of inclination or the current slope of the terrain. The itinerary tracking system is also very effective for you to calculate the route, especially on trips to remote areas.

Shift-on-the-fly electronic Bridge feature

Ford has made impressive improvements to help make the transition between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive systems easier and more convenient, thereby helping Ranger owners to conquer all terrain. Adjustment knob Electronic gear mounting (ESOF) is located near the gear lever, located next to the buttons that control the traction control system and the rear differential lock. This system allows the driver to switch from 1-bridge (2H) to 2-bridge (4H) mode even when the vehicle is running without slowing down. An electric motor is also used to assist the driver to switch to a 2-wheel drive (4L) mode when traveling on harsher terrain. With just two fingers, you can gently switch between the transmission modes, thus making the Ranger pickup’s control extremely easy.

Mr. Martin Steyn, Ranger Raptor’s Head of Vehicle Integrated Management, said: “The Electronic Bridge system has turned the Ranger into a special pickup with the ability to transform to meet the needs. bridges vary from a fuel-efficient family car to a machine for conquering every rugged terrain at the touch of a button. As a result, this pickup has provided unique driving experiences for vehicle owners. ”

Smart key

Remote Keyless Entry (Remote Keyless Entry) is a very convenient feature for car owners who often have to move with a huge volume of goods. As a result, car owners do not need to put their luggage on the ground to search for the key, but can easily open the car door even without the key in hand. Besides the convenience, the smart key is also programmed to only be used for a single Ranger. 

Terrain Control System

“Ranger Raptor will help you conquer every path with the Terrain Control System (TMS). In particular, the characteristic Baja mode turns this vehicle from a daily transport into a high-performance pickup with impressive high-speed off-road capability, ready to challenge any type of terrain. – Mr. David Burn, Chief Engineer of Ford Ranger Performance Division and Special Vehicle Engineering, shared.

Ranger Raptor’s terrain control modes have been programmed to optimize grip, enhance their ability to operate on extreme terrain conditions such as muddy roads or slippery sand, with the touch of a button. on the steering wheel. Similar to the “F-150” Raptor, this button is arranged in a suitable position, allowing the driver to conveniently switch between modes without taking your hands off the steering wheel, and can be easily Easy to handle even while wearing gloves.

Plaid lines on the steering wheel

The striking red 12-hour corner marker on the steering wheel of the Ranger Raptor is not merely part of the interior design. In fact, this detail is far more important.

“This detail is more about function than design, red stripes marking the 12 o’clock position support the driver to always be focused when driving at high speed. This detail always stands out in the driver’s peripheral vision, and makes it easier for them to follow the direction of the tire’s rotation when steer or bend. ” – Mr. Justin Capicchiano, Director of Ford High Performance Division shared.