See the first tribute to the legendary Porsche 911

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If you choose a name worthy of being honored with Porsche 911, you will have to think of the driver – the legendary Belgian living – Jacky Ickx. And recently, the German automaker has dedicated to the champion each time 6 times at Le Mans a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Belgian Legend Edition on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

Not only meant to honor the illustrious career of Jacky Ickx as well as his personal contributions to the success of the Porsche sports car company from 1970 to 1980, this limited edition 911 also marked the times. The launch of a special product line in the new 992 era .

Six-time champion Le Mans – Jacky Ickx

The concept of the model is from the Porsche importer in Belgium – D’ieteren and also responsible for the design of this Legend Edition. Inspired by the blue-white helmet that became the trademark of Ickx, the 911 Belgian Legend Edition came out in blue X Blue and was also the  first 992 in Porsche’s Paint to Sample.

Other unique exterior details include a Belgian flag badge and Jacky Ickx’s signature on the driver’s B-pillar, 20/21-inch Carrera Classic wheels in X Blue and accents. white. In particular, in order to get the details as Ickx helmet decoration, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur had to use its most advanced laser engraving technology.

Behind the door, the interior compartment of the car is covered with a mysterious black and gray Pebble stitching on the center console, door bars and rear details. In it, the X-shaped stitches on the door create a delicate beauty for the version of the legendary Ickx. Exclusive highlights on this version also include Pebble Gray embossing on 18-way electric sports seats, ‘ 911 ‘ embroidery on the headrest and premium leather on the rear seats.

Other highlights in the interior design also come from the Ickx signature embroidered artfully engraved on the leather surface of the central armrest, the words ‘Belgian Legend Edition’ on the door sill from carbon and key casts and Exterior color with the signature of Jacky Ickx.

Finally, the Porsche 911 Belgian Legend Edition will be limited to 75 units and will be exclusively distributed in the Belgian market.