Imitate the chef, the vervet monkey learning strategy

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To learn, vervet monkeys prefer to copy what the dominant members of their group do, according to a new study carried out in South Africa by researchers from Lausanne.  “Stop copying!” Is a sentence that would have no meaning in a school of vervet monkeys. Because when it comes to learning, these monkeys are the champions […]

Does pangolin transmit COVID-19 coronavirus?

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Is it true that pangolin transmits the COVID-19 coronavirus? If so, does this have important consequences in the management of this disease? Let’s see that in this article. Right now, the scientific community is trying to determine whether the pangolin transmits the COVID-19 coronavirus or not. It is important to note that coronaviruses (CoV) have been well known […]

USA: they make a clone of their dog who died five years ago

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After the death of their dog Marley, a Californian couple decided to clone their beloved pet. For 50,000 dollars, the ViaGen Pets company took the DNA of the labrador who died of cancer five years ago and put it in the egg of a donor dog, reports CNN . The embryo thus obtained was implanted in the uterus of another bitch which gave […]

Brazil: Fifty Spix macaws, an endangered species of parrots, repatriated from Germany

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About fifty Spix macaws, a species of blue parrots, arrived in Brazil from Germany on Tuesday . ” They arrived ! “Tweeted the same day ICMbio, the biodiversity conservation institute in charge of the transfer. The publication was accompanied by a photo of the Brazilian Minister of the Environment carrying a cage containing a parrot . This reintroduction project for the species is […]

Ivory Coast: Seizure of more than 3.5 tonnes of pangolin scales cremated by the authorities

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Ivorian authorities cremated in front of the press, Tuesday in Abidjan, more than 3.5 tonnes of pangolin scales , the most poached mammal in the world. These scales were seized during various operations in 2017 and 2018 and led to the arrest of around 20 people. “It is international traffic that has been dismantled. (…) We are fighting against poaching but also the illicit trafficking […]

Alsace: It offers a reward of 2,000 euros to identify the lynx poacher

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It is an unusual method, which might even surprise. But “which gives satisfactory results in Chad and Cameroon”, according to the association for the defense of animals, Sauvage Faune Sauvage . As the newspaper L’Alsace reveals , the president of the association, Jean-Paul Burget, offers a reward of 2,000 euros to the person who will identify the poacher who shot and killed a lynx […]

Borneo: Alba, the only known albino orangutan in the world, observed in good health on the island

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Alba, the only albino orangutan known in the world, has been observed alive and healthy in the tropical forest of the island of Borneo. It was the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) that announced the good news. It has been over a year since the primate was released into the forest. This blonde haired orangutan female with blue eyes was found in […]

Moselle: Three white tigers are born at the zoo of Amnéville

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Graou, the zoo of Amnéville, in Moselle , nurses after the birth of three small white tigers on January 5. Zoo management shared the good news by presenting the two brothers, Aran and Hyun and their sister, Fouyou, on social media this Thursday. The three tigers are “very good,” said the zoo at 20 minutes . Everyone is doing wonderfully. Orissa, an excellent mother watches over her babies, ”continues […]

When should a rabbit eat and in what quantities?

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The rules of feeding our pets are one of the basic pillars of their health. So we will explain when and in what quantities a rabbit should eat. The time when they will finally be able to eat is one of the moments most awaited by our animals. Rabbits especially like to eat, especially if their diet […]

Caring for your pet: good everyday gestures

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Whatever the species to which your pet belongs, taking care of it is a duty. It is a question of satisfying his food needs and those relating to his health, but also of taking adequate hygiene and education measures. Food Whether you are raising a dog, a cat, a rodent, a bird, a fish or a […]

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