Municipal in 2020 in Toulouse: Quentin Charoy wants to put the animal cause at the heart of the campaign

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ANIMALIST A list of the animalist party launches into the municipal campaign of March 2020 in Toulouse, with a leitmotif, that of giving back its place to animals in the city

Attractiveness, metro, housing and even security are some of the themes that come up regularly in campaign proposals from Toulouse candidates for municipal elections . The place of animals in town, on the other hand, struggles to find a place in the programs.

And this is what distresses Quentin Charoy who will make him his hobbyhorse . The young man of 25, a native of Albi (Tarn), will be the head of the list of the animalist party  for the ballot next March. Building on the results obtained by his party in the European elections (2.16% in France and 1.5% in Toulouse), he has already gathered the 69 names necessary to apply for the Capitol.

“The only prerequisite was to have convictions to defend animals. We brought together students, retirees, executives, activists of associations, but also an accountant, a lawyer “, advances the one who was already for the European elections on the list of the party created in 2016.

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For everyone, whether they are vegans or omnivores, “it is time to integrate the issue of animal protection into municipal policy, because today nothing is done for them, if not a policy of regulation lethal ”, deplores the young man, committed since his majority for the cause.

Vegetable meal

Beyond the creation of a municipal delegation for animal protection, Quentin Charoy and his running mate propose to authorize the presence of our animal friends in public transport as well as in the parks, to set up shared and green spaces, or even to ban circuses with animals.

The defense of the animal cause will also go through our plates and those of the little Toulousains to whom “vegetable” meals will be offered in the canteen. A niche that the head of the list knows well because after having been an educator for people with disabilities, he is about to open his restaurant, without any animal protein it goes without saying.

“We have a mono-thematic program, but one that cuts across many subjects that affect the daily lives of Toulousains. We are on our animalist line, but we do not refrain from having other projects, such as having more participative democracy or even requisitioning vacant housing, “continues the young activist for whom” helping animals, it is also to help humans and Toulousains ”.