Jetta – Volkswagen’s popular car brand “stirred” the Chinese market

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With a long portfolio of 12 well-known brands, the Volkswagen Group will probably want to turn to building an entirely new brand from scratch, and they have done this in China.

Earlier this year, the German giant officially introduced Jetta – the name of a popular popular sedan, becoming an independent brand with 3 product models, creating a new start in China. This event also marked the first time in history when the German automaker upgraded a model to a separate car brand.

This fledgling Volkswagen brand focuses on exploring the affordable segment, particularly young customers, living in big cities in China and looking for a first-class car. Moving towards a potential segment, Jetta has now achieved initial success with nearly 30,000 units sold after only 3 months of appearance, breaking a record and becoming the most successful car company in the first 3 months. in China.

Behind that success were impressive sales coming from just two of its models: the VA3 sedan (or previously VW Jetta ) and the small VS5 SUV (formerly Seat Ateca) – contributing nearly 80% of the total. Jetta sales. It is expected that these numbers will increase even more with the launch of the third model – the mid-size VS7 SUV (variant of Seat Tarraco) with its launch last month. Currently, all three models are manufactured and assembled by FAW joint venture – Volkswagen at its factory in Chengdu, China.

The youthful and eye-catching design of the Jetta VS5

“Currently, the popular car segment here is mainly in the market share of Chinese car manufacturers. Jetta appears to be a product positioned in this segment, lower than the brand positioning of parent company Volkswagen, ”explains Jürgen Stackmann, a member of Volkswagen’s business council. “We have been facing a very potential market and Jetta’s initial sales have partly proved that,” – he added.

The Jetta VA3 sedan, or before it is the Volkswagen Jetta

In terms of market overview, the affordable segment now accounts for one-third of the total automobile market in China as well as about 80% of customers’ first choice of cars. Interestingly, VW says that the average age of first-time buyers in China is 20 years younger than European or American countries, and is willing to spend between 8,000 and 15,000 euros (205 to 385). million VND) for this.

As an independent brand in the world’s most populous market, Jetta possesses the strength of a complete electronic sales process and network of electronic showroom systems, combined with existing Volkswagen dealers. By the end of this year, the number of Jetta dealers here is expected to increase to 200.