Italy: Two hikers attacked by a bear in the north of the country

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Two hikers – a 59-year-old man and his 28-year-old son – were attacked on Monday evening by a bear in the Dolomite mountains, in northern Italy , announced the autonomous province of Trento. These two people, who met him on a Monte Peller trail at the end of the day, were transported to a hospital, according to this source, quoted by Italian press agencies.

A first reconstruction of the facts reveals that the young man would have found himself face to face with the mammal and would then have fallen to the ground, before being trapped under the animal . His father then threw himself on him to free his son.

Fractures and deep wounds

The father suffered from broken legs and deep wounds, but his life was not in danger. Her son has more superficial lesions. The Trentino region is inhabited by several dozen bears, which sometimes intrude into inhabited areas or attack farm animals.

A project to reintroduce the animal to the region had been launched in 1999. It had been carried out with the support of the European Union, from a dozen bears that had arrived from Slovenia.