How I found my Caramel cat (without technology)

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Caramel is my cat. A young 8 month old tomcat who loves to walk everywhere and is hyper-sociable. A little too much, sometimes, since he often tends to enter the home of strangers to take a nap.

Since arriving at my home, I have placed a small GPS tag around Caramel’s neck, attached to her collar. So I can track him when he leaves my house. Via an application, I can trace, on a map, his route with good accuracy of a few meters. When it was hidden in the bushes, I also happened to use Bluetooth to locate it more precisely.

A few days ago, Caramel decided to go for a long night walk, going several hundred meters from the house. Worried, I look for it from 6 am in the morning thanks to my application and in a few minutes I find its GPS tag hung on its collar … next to a bush. But no Caramel. The beacon has not moved since the previous day at 11:04 p.m. And my cat is passed out in the wild. So, I look for him everywhere in the neighborhood, put forty posters with his little face in all the adjacent streets and interview twenty people by showing them a photo.

And after a few hours, a woman tells me that one of her neighbors saw a cat that looks like Caramel the day before. I go to this neighbor’s, who even assures me that I saw Caramel in the morning. And a few seconds later, Caramel leaps from a hedge.

Like what technology has not always answered everything. It is often useful, it is sometimes a gadget and it regularly comes up against simple limits. It was enough for Caramel to lose his collar – and I don’t know why – for the GPS beacon to lose almost all its usefulness: I found my cat more than a hundred meters away.

In my case, it was a simple investigation of proximity – which still took me a few hours – which allowed me to find my cat.

And from now on, I will make sure every night that Caramel is back home.