“Hot car” Mazda3 has serious brake error

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About 35,000 Mazda3 vehicles in circulation in North America are experiencing problems with the emergency brake system (Smart Brake), making users very worried about the safety of the vehicle. 

Accordingly, many people using Mazda3 in North America recently have continuously reflected on the situation of their vehicle having an emergency braking system (Smart Brake). Specifically, the Mazda3 series of vehicles have the phenomenon of automatic braking, although there is no obstruction or any danger in the front. This has caused many customers of Mazda to be worried about the safety of the car, especially if the emergency braking function is stable or not.

In addition, many users also shared that, although before the emergency brake system (Smart Brake) of Mazda3 activated, it sent a signal to notify users with images and sounds but it did not allow users to Intervene to prevent braking. 

Catching the situation, Mazda North America area has quickly entered the investigation to investigate the cause. According to the Japanese automaker’s explanation, the problem of emergency braking system (Smart Brake) is happening on the Mazda3 model produced in the period from 2018 up to now, the cause is due to the system’s software failure. malfunctions, resulting in the system handling incorrect brakes, can endanger customers. 

The serious incident is likely to cause Mazda to make a decision to recall about 35,000 Mazda3 vehicles produced during 2018 – now in the vast North American market. This is considered the “catastrophic” of this company in recent years.  

Outside of North America, there have not been any new cases of Mazda3 detected in any other markets .