Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man kills two of his dogs fighting on his balcony

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In the unusual silence of confinement , gunshots rang out this Sunday morning in the Guihemery district  of  Toulouse . Alerted by the neighborhood, the police went to an apartment on avenue Jean-Rieux where they arrested a man who had actually opened fire. Towards his dogs, who apparently were fighting on the balcony of the family apartment and which he decided to calm […]

Coronavirus in Toulouse: They offer to take care of caregivers’ animals for free

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When you chain the guards on the war front against the coronavirus , it is not easy to manage daily life, and in particular to take care of your pets. In Toulouse , the association Le Resto des Zanimos , which usually helps homeless dogs, has decided to contribute to the solidarity effort. She proposes to relieve caregivers of their guilt for leaving […]

Cuddling dogs during coronavirus

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Cuddling dogs gives us comfort. If you are fulfilling your duty of total containment and trying to reduce stress these days, the tenderness and company of your best companion can be of great value. Hugs to dogs tend to allay almost all worries. Today, science has shown that pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety […]

Dog racing is finally prohibited

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We use dogs for many good reasons. This is the case with therapies, such as with autistic children, cancer detection or assistance with guide dogs, etc. However, they are also used for more obscure purposes. Now let’s look at the case of fighting and dog racing. Different organizations have struggled for years to end it. So far, no big […]

Alhambra cats

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The Alhambra is one of the most emblematic monuments of Spain. It is 100 years old and represents the cradle of Arab culture. It is steeped in history because the Moors who fought against Christians who were trying to reclaim their territories were hiding there. However, in addition to all this, there is something that catches the attention […]

Police dog discovers pornographic files

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Dogs are well known for their unusual flair. This is why they are often contacted by the police. Thus, we discovered a police dog which participated in convictions for possession of pornographic content. The overdeveloped smell of dogs always finds new ways to surprise us. We even learned recently that, when properly trained, some dogs can detect different electronic […]

Cats that think like dogs

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Breeding cats in the company of tame dogs will not only reduce the fear of the former, but also improve their sociability. Some cat breeds think like dogs. They adopt behavioral models among which stands out the desire to bond with Man. This sociability manifests through their own body language and can be strengthened through various training. […]

How to feed a cat suffering from cancer?

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A cat with cancer can have a poor appetite and lose weight – eating well is the key to avoiding this. Diet is a very important factor in preventing, treating or relieving disease. It can be an important aspect to improve the quality of life of a cat suffering from cancer or any other serious illness. […]

What do green iguanas eat?

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Green iguanas are usually taken to the vet for skin problems and deformities, which in most cases are due to poor diet. Green iguanas are reptiles belonging to the order of Squamata , animals which are characterized by the fact that the upper jaw is welded to the skull. Snakes, chameleons and other lizards are also part of […]

The best breeds of domestic rabbits

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Some rabbits like the harlequin are able to learn basic tricks and orders. Although pet stores generally do not have a wide variety of domestic rabbit breeds, there are many. Knowing the most popular can be useful in meeting the expectations of future owners. Sometimes choosing a rabbit as a pet fulfills the role that a […]

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