Going to school far away, “sen” was wrongly sent by her mother to wrap up the hot grilled fish for the “upper house” and I fasted: Oh, who is the biological child?

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This knows who is adopted, who is the child that everyone sir!

So far, people who go to school and work far from home are covered by parents to cover as much food and drink as they are very familiar. Because to parents, no matter how children grow and mature, they will always be children who need to be cared for and protected.

But this life, which can happen anything, is packed up but there are parents who send … cat “boss”, not their own child to give birth. The incredible story (but this much) was recently posted by a girl in a closed group on social networks:

“When people go to school or work far from home, what do they send to their parents each time?

My mother went to the market to buy 6 hot grilled fish, wrapped them carefully, told me to bring them to Saigon but she was not allowed to touch them. Because this is the food my mother bought for CAT. My mother told me to feed him 3 children a day. If they finish, I go to the market to buy steamed or baked food, not to mix rice for him. Because it hates that.

And I went from Vung Tau to Saigon and brought a bag of grilled fish for a cat! “.

No items for girls, no words of affection, no instructions for eating and instead, all the mother’s attention is focused on “nakedness”. Hmph! With this, it’s clear who is the biological and who is adopted then!

So right below the post, netizens left countless funny and sympathetic comments with her:

Giang Huong: ” Must know where I am at home. My adopted child! “

Hoang Tang: ” My mother took the leftovers at the wedding and put them in the brand-name bag to bring home for my Lu children. Consider getting angry ???”

Trang Trang: ” My beloved daughter won over her blanket, I told her mother,” Tell me something to cover it temporarily, so I can cover it too, my crime . “

Moon Sun: ” His biological child must be different from the collected one”.

That’s it! It turned out that not only her but also countless people also suffered discrimination when raising bosses. Currently this cute story is still attracting attention and comments from the online community.