Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 “price” up to 170,000 USD

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Referring to an American sports muscle car is the legendary Ford Mustang, especially the Shelby GT500. And probably because of the “fever” of this car, dealers in the US have recently “competed” to a price team up to twice the original price.

The pricing in the automotive industry is not new to those who are interested. After the “sky” figures of the Toyota Supra or the Dodge Challenger Demon, this craze came with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 . This 760-horsepower super coupe has been shipped, rolled and is currently being demanded by Ford dealers in the US for a “hefty” price.

First, Ford Authority has encountered an agent in Sterling, Virginia, USA that has ordered the price of Shelby Mustang up to 145,890 USD (nearly 3.4 billion VND). Contrary to the $ 70,300 (more than 1.6 billion VND) for an original GT500, this version adds options such as racing package with carbon fiber parts, technology package, painted lines. $ 10,000 (VND 230 million) and more with a total value of up to USD 40,000 (VND 927 million).

In another development, according to Autoblog, Ford dealers in Thousand Oaks, California, USA also “screams” up to $ 170,000 for this Shelby. Although priced at $ 24,000 higher than the Virginia version, the GT500 here is even worse in terms of options. Specifically, the Shelby in California is not equipped with navigation systems, Carbon Fiber Track package, sports stripes, paint roof but still cost more than $ 96,000 compared to the original.

However, the good news for those who love this car is that there are still many Ford dealers that sell GT500 for only the listed price or higher. With just one search on Google, you will have many options for Shelby Mustang for a worthy and reasonable price, instead of having to “spend money” for either of the two versions above.

Currently, the Ford car company is still quite tight-lipped, not commenting on the above price teams. Shelby GT500 has prices starting from 70,300 USD and 1,095 shipping costs (1.6 billion VND). Equipments like the Carbon Fiber Track Pack cost $ 18,500 ($ 429 million), the technology pack – $ 3,000 ($ 70 million) and other options that can go up to $ 100,000 ($ 2.3 billion).