Dog breeds suitable for hiking

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Almost all dogs can hike. Some breeds are simply more prepared than others.

The different breeds of dogs were and are created according to the needs that the human being wants to cover. This is why, not all dogs have the same qualities and capacities. Thus, a greyhound can run at high speed over long distances, but a chihuahua cannot. Similarly, some dogs are prepared to kill prey or be rewarded permanently, others show no interest of this type. As a result, some dogs are more suitable for hiking than others.

Hiking is an activity that humans do in nature. It consists of walking distances of previously marked routes on foot. In addition to the simple fact of exercising, walking in nature is a very healthy and enjoyable activity. Both for the person and for the dog.

The hiking routes that exist are marked according to their difficulty due to several factors. For example, slope, altitude or distance, among others. We can’t start with the more complicated. It’s the same for the dog.

If you want your pet to accompany you, you will have to train it little by little. In the end,  your dog will love this type of exercise where he will be able to feel everything freely and where all the odors will be new.

Sheepdogs for hiking

In general, sheepdogs are very intelligent dogs and therefore easy to train. When hiking, the dog must respond perfectly to the call signal. Otherwise, he could get lost on a path he does not know.

On the other hand, we find  medium-sized breeds, well muscled, agile, very active and prepared to walk. In addition, they have long snouts that allow them to cool properly. This is not the case for brachycephalic breeds .

Here are some breeds of sheepdogs:

  • Belgian Shepherd
  • German shepherd
  • That of bestiar
  • Gos d’Atrura Catala
  • Beauce Shepherd
  • Pastor of Brie
  • Border collie
  • Smooth collie
  • Bobtail
  • Swiss white shepherd
  • Australian shepherd
A border collie on a hike

Hunting or trail dogs

These are dogs that bark a lot and usually express themselves this way. This group consists of very hardy, extremely active and social dogs. These animals are used for hunting, both small and big game. That is why they are used to moving around and searching. However, these are difficult dogs to train, although they are very emotionally stable.

Other dogs suitable for hiking

Other dogs suitable for hiking are hunting retrievers, stationary hunting dogs and water dogs. They all have a very good character and are also very common companion dogs. In general, these dogs love water, roll in the mud, sniff and are very playful. Therefore, they love nature walks.

In addition, they are often of medium or large size, strong, resistant and full of energy. Among the most common breeds are:

  • Labrador retriever
  • Golden retriever
  • English Cocker Spaniel
  • English spaniel
  • American spaniel cocker spaniel
  • American water dog
  • Portuguese water dog

Finally, remember that if you are taking your dog for a hike, make sure he is in good health. Also,  don’t forget to use insect repellents and, after the walk, give your pet a good internal dewormer. Indeed, in nature, the dog is exposed to numerous parasites , some of which transmit diseases which can become chronic and even kill the dog.