Despite Covid-19, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Maybach S 450 4Matic exclusively for Chinese

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Compared to other S 450 Maybach models, the Chinese version will own some equipment differences. Accompanying that is the price from 1,459 million Yuan (~ 4.9 billion VND).

Accordingly, the German luxury car brand – Mercedes-Benz has recently officially introduced the Maybach S 450 4Matic version specifically for the Chinese market called Collector’s Edition. The launch of a new Mercedes-Benz model at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic is showing signs of cooling in mainland China.

When compared to other S 450 Maybach models, the Collector’s Edition for the Chinese market will not have a significant difference in design. The changes mainly come from the equipment such as the new design 20-inch multi-spoke wheels, the cabin is brown in color and many Maybach logo embroidered details, door step lights …

Many details on the car are fitted with Maybach logo such as headrest seats, floor mats, door step lights …

Multi-spoke 20-inch wheels with new design

Logo on floor mat

And the door step lights …

In addition to the differences in equipment, the Mercedes-Maybach S 450 4Matic Collector’s Edition still uses the same 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged petrol engine similar to the standard version, accompanied by a combination of the system. Mild Hybrid 48V system, 9-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system, for a total capacity of 367 horsepower and 500 Nm of maximum torque.