Côtes d’Armor: A gendarme finds the man who threw a dog in a trash can

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The injured animal was thrown into a garbage bag and then thrown into a container. On April 15, a young dog was discovered by chance by a walker in a Guingamp trash can. The man had been alerted by the groans of this young female, a few weeks old. Fifteen days later, the man who threw the poor animal with the dumpster was found. He will be prosecuted in court ” to answer for his failings,  ” said the gendarmerie of Côtes d’Armor .

Alerted by an article by our colleagues from l’Echo de l’Argoat , a gendarme conducted the investigation to find the man who had abandoned the animal. According to him, the punctured eye and the head injury were caused by another dog. But the new owner had not taken any care and had decided to part with it “for lack of availability”, specifies the gendarmerie.

The man had recently recovered the animal from a litter from a neighbor. He will be prosecuted for this ill-treatment. The small dog has found refuge in a foster family “and is doing well”, promise the investigators.