Coronavirus in Toulouse: They offer to take care of caregivers’ animals for free

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When you chain the guards on the war front against the coronavirus , it is not easy to manage daily life, and in particular to take care of your pets. In Toulouse , the association Le Resto des Zanimos , which usually helps homeless dogs, has decided to contribute to the solidarity effort. She proposes to relieve caregivers of their guilt for leaving an animal alone at home, or of the fatigue of having to walk a dog after a day – or a night – of hell. “We are convinced that they will need it and the idea is also that animals do not pay the bad things,” says Valérie Livert, president of Zanimos.

On March 20, she created a Facebook group to recruit volunteers. Leg “feeders”, occasional kibble distributors, or even hosts of several nights… in three days, more than sixty volunteers have already shown themselves to take care of the hairballs of the white coats. Guinea pigs or ferrets included, if the opportunity arises.

Especially the neighbors

But, confinement requires, Valérie Livert wants to mesh the network district by district, to avoid displacement. “We mostly ask neighbors of caregivers to report,” she says.

Furthermore, the messages received quickly convinced the association to extend this free service to hospitalized patients. “For example, a lady called us to explain that her mother lives in Toulouse but has just been hospitalized in Dax, says the animal activist. We will take care of his dog. ” And let her focus on healing.