Coronavirus: “A time bomb” for animal shelters, who fear a wave of abandonments

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They will no doubt be one of the many collateral victims of the coronavirus. In accordance with measures taken by the government, animal shelters and dispensaries had to close their doors during the confinement period, since Tuesday.

Joined by 20 Minutes , Laëtitia Queherno, animal-dog manager of the Villevaudé refuge (Seine-et-Marne) of the Animal Assistance Foundation , which welcomes more than 160 animals on site, explains the current situation and expresses her fears.

With the confinement instituted because of the coronavirus, what is the situation for a refuge like yours?

For the moment, we are blocked. Volunteers can no longer come and lend us a hand, so only the employees remain. We take care of the animals, we walk the dogs several times a day. We can travel for a veterinary emergency, but more for surgeries of convenience (sterilizations – Editor’s note -).

During this period, can you still accept new animals and proceed with adoptions?

No, unfortunately, the refuge is closed. We can no longer accept animals or let them go. It’s hard for them, especially for those who are young. Our youngest dog is four and a half months old, an age at which he must be educated. He takes up his habits and is very attached to us. It is not necessarily a good thing. It is the same for dogs from 12 to 18 months, they are very sociable, and the goal is that they are adopted very quickly. We don’t know how long they will stay with us. Usually 30 animals are adopted per month.

What happened last weekend, with a view to containment?

We have received a lot of calls for dropouts. There are those who think that animals can transmit the coronavirus to humans, and those who leave for the provinces and / or families. As for departures on vacation. But people don’t dare say it’s because of it