Checklist before purchase or adoption!

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Your future companion does not live on love and fresh water. Before bringing him home, think of his little equipment to welcome him in the best conditions!

When you do your shopping, think that it will grow quickly and that the basket, cushion or cage that may be suitable today, will probably be fine within a few weeks. So, think big! Everything you need to think about before adopting it!

For your dog

Have a medal engraved with his name and your telephone, to facilitate your reunion in the event of loss (which does not prevent him from having an electronic chip). Provide a collar, a leash and if possible a lanyard for his education. If you do not want to invest right away in a cushion, a basket, or even an outdoor niche (especially since you will not put your puppy in it straight away), use an old folded blanket several times. You still need a bowl for food and another for water, in an easy-to-clean material (such as stainless steel). You just have to buy his food (adapted to his age and size), one or two toys that will help you motivate him when you go to educate him and everything that can be used for his hygiene: brush, dog toothpaste, canine shampoo, soaked pads for cleaning the eyes and ear hygiene sprays. If you’ve never had a dog, invest in an educational book: too many unsophisticated owners make annoying mistakes, the crudest of which is to breed them like a child.Video Player is loading.

For your cat

If he has access to the outside, the needs are less. Two glass or porcelain plates (for water and food) do the trick, as well as a good old blanket folded in eight. But if it does not leave your apartment or the interior of your house – which is recommended at least as long as your kitten is not sterilized – plan a scratching post, some cat games, a cat tree, a tray litter and a litter. Consider investing in a transport case, essential to take it to the veterinarian or elsewhere! As for a dog, you need of course food, a brush, tablets or patches of toothpaste “special cats” and probably a claw cut as a bonus. If this is your first cat,Video Player is loading.

For a rabbit or a rodent

Find out well about the size required for his cage and aim wide, especially if you plan to have several individuals in the same cage. You still need a water dispenser (type “bottle” so that it does not spill), a manger for fresh food, another for dry food (without forgetting the adequate food), a hay rack , as well as a litter adapted to his needs, to put at the bottom of his cage to act as carpet. For some like the chinchilla, a bathtub to fill with special sand to help it maintain its fur. Games adapted to everyone. Possibly a small house to take refuge in. And a good book on your New Pet (NAC)!

For a bird

Prefer a large rectangular cage, to a round or oval cage. Choose it with enough perches (at least one fixed and one mobile for a bird). Think of the seed dispenser and the water dispenser. Depending on the type of bird chosen, you may also need a mirror, a bathtub and a small house to take refuge in. Again, a book on your bird’s needs will be welcome …