Changes in your dog’s behavior

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Changes in your dog’s behavior can be the result of many factors. It is ideal to watch for signs that can identify the problem.

Our pets are much more susceptible to change than we might think. Sometimes even  the smallest detail of their daily lives results in drastic behavioral changes in a dog.

If the change was sudden, we must analyze what has changed in its environment for the animal to react in this way. At times this is very obvious, for example some illness or fear.

As a general rule, your dog’s behavior should be very stable, of course with the changes in behavior that result from age, but always with the same fidelity. Remember that there  are few pets as grateful and noble as a dog …

Behavioral changes in a dog that make it aggressive

Reasons Your Dog’s Behavior May Change

From the smallest thing to an important reason – like an operation –  your dog’s behavior can be affected to a greater or lesser extent. There are also many differences among dogs. Some are very sensitive and others are very listless who do not seem to be affected at all.

So here are some of the most common reasons your dog may have changed his behavior. Several of them will certainly surprise you!

  • Illness: Your dog’s change in character may be due to suffering from an illness or pain which, like us, makes him more irritable than usual
  • A new animal in the house: often, the arrival of a new animal in the house can cause all kinds of reactions in your dog who perceives all the attentions he had until now in danger. Even so, if your dog is a social animal, you don’t have to worry because he will resolve his differences within days. However, if he gets aggressive, you need to take action so that it doesn’t end in a tragic way.
Two dogs meeting around a balloon
  • The arrival of a baby : The arrival of a baby in the family can be a trauma for your dog. Indeed, this takes away much of the importance that he was the only one to appreciate.The animal can be jealous of the child and thus change his behavior to attract attention.
  • Of fears : many dogs are afraid of unimaginable things. For example, cars, motorcycles, firecrackers, cats, different types of blows … A multitude of things can generate stress and cause a change in behavior in the frightened dog. We must therefore avoid exposing him to such fears

Other reasons …

  • Changes in the house: You would be surprised how sensitive some dogs are to changes in the house. For example, moving a piece of furniture or buying a new decoration. There are dogs that are unable to enter a room because there is a stuffed animal that scares them …
  • The absence of a family member: when one of the most important people in the life of the animal is absent, either because of a change of residence or because of his death, the dog may suffer from a minor depression that radically changes their character. It will take him several weeks to adjust to the new situation
  • Spaying: One of the most common reasons your dog’s behavior can change is spaying . This vitality and energy that he had before, especially in the case of males, is largely lost and they become more tranquil. Often times it is also necessary to change their diet as they tend to gain weight due to lack of activity.
  • Maturity: all dogs, male or female, have their character that changes depending on the stage of maturity in which they are. Fortunately, the period of hyperactivity they go through as a puppy is over. This results in a more calm and peaceful behavior. It’s the same when they reach old age, they adopt a much more careful and wise attitude. Just like us

Changes in your dog’s behavior: conclusion

Whatever the reason for your dog’s behavior change,  a visit to the vet is ideal for more specific advice on how to deal with the problem. But, there are also dogs whose greatest fear is that of going to the vet …