12 tips for a person allergic to cats

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A person allergic to cats can live comfortably with his pet if he follows some very simple guidelines to limit exposure to allergens. If you are a person allergic to cats, you are not alone. A large part of the world population suffers from one or more allergic disorders (estimated at 30-40%). Experts say the prevalence of […]

Which cat to choose?

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You decided to adopt a cat, now: which one to choose? There is a list of factors to consider when adopting. Size, age or race are among them. To begin with, some questions have very simple answers. How big do I want the cat? What type of cat attracts me the most? Independent or very cuddly? What care will he need? What […]

The digestive system in cats

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The digestive system is made up of different organs of the body – mouth, stomach, intestines, among others – which allow the animal to carry out its digestion to absorb the energy of the food and maintain its vital functions. The body of cats is made up of different systems, like the digestive system, which […]

3 things to know when adopting a cat

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No matter how independent cats are, that doesn’t mean they take care of themselves. This is the first thing you should know when adopting a cat. If you do not have the time or resources to take care of it, it is best to postpone the decision to adopt a cat until later. , when conditions […]

The price of veterinary care for a cat

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Adopting a cat means knowing your needs and meeting them. For this, one must be willing to allocate a substantial budget. It includes his diet, hygiene, comfort, but also his health. Administered as a preventive or curative measure (illness, accident), veterinary care has a cost which is important to anticipate so as not to be taken aback. Regular […]

Reasons cats continually mew

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Why do cats mew continuously? The reasons change over the life of cats. When they are very young, kittens meow to tell their mothers that they are hungry, cold or afraid. But once adults, cats reserve their meow to communicate with humans. We all want to understand why cats mew continuously. We know that, in comparison with most carnivorous […]

My cat box

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Whether it is an outgoing cat or an indoor cat, the animal can be more or less severely injured in one of its legs. Determining the cause of the problem allows you to choose the appropriate treatment. A claudication must always alert and sometimes lead to consultation. What cat owner has not seen his little feline come […]

My cat is scratching and losing its hair

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Is your cat scratching, licking excessively? He may be itchy. His hair is constantly falling and too much? There are different causes for excessive hair loss. Significant licking and scratching, excessive hair loss are all signs of a problem in your cat. It can be a poor diet, parasites, allergies, behavioral disorders … There are simple solutions to properly […]

How to deworm your cat?

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Deworming your cat is essential, even if it does not leave the apartment. This keeps him healthy and prevents you and your family from being infected. Even kittens are susceptible to infection. Deworming is an essential preventive measure to fight against your cat’s internal parasites. The worms can cause significant damage to the organs and you too may […]

Montpellier: This intelligent litter box allows you to follow the health of your cat live

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Caremitou is a litter box like no other. This small house for cats, imagined by Montpellier entrepreneur Philippe Daurenjou, allows a whole bunch of analyzes to be carried out without the animal noticing. This amazing invention, which offers owners the opportunity to monitor the health of their cats in real time, was awarded an Innovation Award at the last CES in Las Vegas. […]

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