[CAR REVIEW] Mitsubishi Outlander 2020 – Back to the race

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With many worthwhile upgrades in terms of design and performance, the Mitsubishi Outlander CKD 2020 has become much more attractive to Vietnamese customers. Vehicles priced from 825 to 950 million in Vietnam market corresponding to two versions 2.0 CVT and 2.0 CVT Premium.

Beauty from Dynamic Shield 2.0

2020 Toyota Outlander scored points from the first moment customers “face” this vehicle. Mitsubishi CUV model is too different from the same segment models, and different from the previous version thanks to the new generation Dynamic Shield design language with the philosophy of “Beauty from performance”.

In the past, many people thought that there was a vague image of Mitsubishi brand : consumers do not seem to remember a design detail or a shape that represents the Japanese car company. A car company that does not impress the majority of consumers is unlikely to thrive. The Dynamic Shield design language has gotten rid of that ambiguity and the Outlander is the first model to adopt this bold and impressive design language. With the 2020 version, Outlander continues to promote the masculine and luxurious beauty of the Dynamic Shield 2.0 language.

The person behind Dynamic Shield is Mr. Tsunehiro Kunimoto, Mitsubishi’s global design director with over 40 years of experience. According to him, Dynamic Shield is not only shown in its dynamic, sporty appearance (Dynamic) but it is also an affirmation of absolute safety protection for passengers in the car. That was why Mitsubishi used the word Shield but nothing else. Dynamic and safety are the two most important factors to create the image of every Mitsubishi car.

The most noticeable point in the exterior of Outlander 2020 is the new front grille that is designed to be more impressive and stylish. Still a large two-chromed motif embracing the three-pointed star emblem, the Mitsubishi designers cleverly added hexagonal motifs to enhance the visual impression.

Especially, Outlander 2020 version 2.0 CVT Premium that I experience is equipped with a lighting system using Full LED technology integrated with a modern lamp wash system. Besides, the front bumper is chrome-plated, making the front of the car square and more seamless.

The Outlander 2020 has an overall dimensions (length x width x height) 4,695 x 1,810 x 1,710 mm, among the largest in the segment. Seen from the side, the sharp veins running along the body, connecting the two rear lights and the chrome splint on the lower body contribute to the visual impression of the impressive length of the Outlander. And yet, the roof is also arranged with two silver roof bars connecting the front windshield and rear glass, contributing to the dynamic outline of the Outlander.

The rear is quite square and attracts the eyes thanks to two full LED taillights including large LED strips that make Mitsubishi’s model more luxurious. This detail is similar to the design of high-end European models and makes the Outlander really stand out because rivals mostly use halogen lights or only very thin LED strips.