Bugatti Chiron Vainqueur de Coeur “unique” in blue and white coat

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Appeared as the Vainqueur de Coeur, this super-unique Bugatti Chiron is on sale at the Q Motors center at James Edition at an unbelievable price …

Earlier this year, this special character was transported and displayed at the Seven Car Lounge showroom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the number of kilometers traveled about 603 km.

Ignoring that, this Chiron super car is really unique with white paint – blue or light blue extremely pristine. And adorn the pure beauty of the “monster” is a set of “super” chrome plating wheels, with big black brake calipers hidden inside. However, the difference of this Chiron comes from the black painted ‘Vanqueur de Coeur’ which is engraved intricately, printed on the rear wing as well as a bold number 10 to emphasize on the horseshoe grille .

Inside the cabin, the driver will be able to enjoy the elegance and coziness thanks to meticulously brown leather seats with contrasting white stitching, carbon fiber seat frames, aluminum and solid accents. especially the embroidery “Vanqueur de Coeur” on the headrests.

In terms of price, the Chiron Vanqueur de Coeur version has a “wedding challenge” price of up to 3.95 million USD (equivalent to 91.6 billion VND) – about 1 million more expensive (23 billion VND) than the standard version. standard in the US market. This is probably a “sky” figure from the owner of the supercar while the limited edition Bugatti Chiron Sport is “only” priced at $ 3.26 million (75.6 billion VND).