Brazil: Fifty Spix macaws, an endangered species of parrots, repatriated from Germany

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About fifty Spix macaws, a species of blue parrots, arrived in Brazil from Germany on Tuesday . ” They arrived ! “Tweeted the same day ICMbio, the biodiversity conservation institute in charge of the transfer.

The publication was accompanied by a photo of the Brazilian Minister of the Environment carrying a cage containing a parrot . This reintroduction project for the species is the result of a partnership between ICMBio and the German Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP).

The parrot from the movie “Rio”

The birds must continue their journey to Curaça, a small town in which they will remain in captivity in a special center. They will reproduce there under the supervision of ICMBio agents before being released into the wild. This transition period should last at least one year: the first reintroductions are planned for 2021.

The Spix’s macaw ( Cyanopsitta spixii ) is a species native to northeast Brazil. There are currently only a few dozen captive specimens of this endangered species. The bird measures 55 to 60 cm and weighs around 350 g in adulthood. The population has dropped drastically in recent years due to the capture and destruction of its natural habitat, the “caatinga”, thorny shrub forest in northeast Brazil.

In the 3D animation film “Rio”, released in 2011, the blue parrot is “repatriated” from the United States to reproduce with Linda, kept in captivity in Brazil . Coveted by traffickers of rare birds, the two parrots find themselves embarked on a series of adventures in full carnival of Rio de Janeiro.