Bouvier de l’Entlebuch

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Don’t be fooled by the small size of the Entlebuch herdsman, this adorable companion has energy to spare.

Origins and history

It was in 1889 that the Entlebuch herdsman was described for the first time under the name of Entlibucherhund. This dog lived in the Entlebuch valley in the canton of Bern where he led the herds and guarded the properties. To avoid its extinction, Doctor Kobler founded the breed club on August 28, 1926 to promote pure breeding. Then in 1927, Professor Albert Heim wrote the first standard. Currently, the workforce is still modest. However, his attractive character and physique make him an increasingly popular family dog.

Physical characteristics

The Entlebuch herdsman is compact and athletic, black with fawn and white spots like all Swiss herdsmen. Its short coat is shiny, thick and coated, the undercoat is very dense and woolly. Its robust head reveals powerful jaws and small dark brown eyes, giving it an aroused and soft expression. The ears, V-shaped, fall on the sides of the skull. Its tail is naturally absent. Otherwise, it is either shortened by 10-15 cm at birth, or left long.

Character and education

Bouvier de l'Entlebuch

The Entlebuch’s cowherd is docile, kind and fearless. He is loyal, trustworthy and suspicious of strangers. Extremely attentive and intelligent, he never takes his eyes off his master and enjoys working. His master must remain consistent in his education. It is a dog that learns very quickly, so it will have to experiment with situations from an early age for perfect socialization.


Its diet must be balanced with calcium and vitamins. Count three meals a day for up to 6 months, then one to two meals once an adult. Avoid treats except for educational rewards.


The Entlebuch herdsman is rustic, tireless, with no particular health problems. During the moulting period, the undercoat must be removed using a metal tooth comb. Life expectancy: around 12 years

Living environment

His fiery temper makes him a daring sheepdog who needs to work out. He must have large spaces to run free. If his master takes care of him daily through both physical and mental activities, he will adapt to living in an apartment. He will be happy to do agility and canicross.


 The Entlebuch herdsman is very gentle with the children with whom he likes to play.