Berger de Brie or briard

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The Brie Shepherd (briard in English) is a sheepdog with long, flexible hairs. He is a good guardian and energetic.

Origins and history

The shepherd of Brie is a very old breed, but which did not know its popularity until 1863. It could come from crosses between the barbet and the beauceron.

Physical characteristics

 It is a long-haired dog. It can be black, gray, fawn.

useSheepdog and companion dog
GroupShepherd and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Bouvier Dogs) (Group 1)
SectionSheepdogs (Section 1).

Character and education

brie shepherd

The briard is sensitive and obedient, easygoing and kind. He is very sociable while retaining his sheepdog instinct. He is balanced and courageous but can be stubborn. He must have a strict but gentle master.


 It may be subject to stomach upset. He should not make physical efforts before and after meals.


 It is a very robust dog, rarely sick. Its coat requires daily maintenance. Life expectancy: 13 years

Living environment

 He is happier if he can access a garden while being close to the family.


 He is particularly sociable with children, even very young. He loves to play.

How to choose a Brie Shepherd puppy on a farm? The master of briard must not be a novice.