Bentley is talking about the use of solid-state battery on electric vehicle project in 2025

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Recently, the British car company – Bentley announced a project to develop a 100% electric vehicle model, which is expected to be completed by 2025.  

Speaking to Auto News, Chairman and CEO of Bentley – Adrian Hallmark affirmed the important role of electricity in the future of British car company.

“We are expected to introduce a Bentley model that uses electric power by 2025,” Hallmark said. “Therefore, our next investment plans will focus on electrification. Currently, teams are considering whether to develop these products on the same line or whether to build a new area to focus in-depth research on this area. ”

When asked about the company’s first electric vehicle, Hallmark responded that the company would develop on some existing models and then build an independent EV. However, the Chairman affirmed that the company would bring more changes than just assembling battery and electric motor parts into existing product lines.

Some other interesting information, Hallmark shared Bentley ‘s ambition that it will develop a more sophisticated version of PPE structure system that was jointly developed by Porsche and Audi, along with the appearance of the battery technology. snake.

“I am not sure about this solid-state battery yet, but it has been planning to perfect this technology until mid-2020. The system will deliver a light weight that is 30% higher than it used to be. Use lithium-ion battery. Specifically, the system will weigh only 500 kg instead of 720 kg as on I-pace. ”