Bedlington terrier

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The bedlington terrier (bedlington terrier in English) is a hunting dog. It looks like a small lamb with its thick and felted hair which tends to curl. He is a sweet and affectionate dog.

Origins and history

The breed was created around 1880 by English miners wishing to obtain a dog capable of exterminating rats in mines. It comes from the cross between the dandie-dinmont, the otterhound and the whippet.

Physical characteristics

 He has a pear-shaped head, long jaws and looks like a sheep. Its coat is thick, cottony, white, blue, black, brown or sand color with or without fire.

useHunting and companion dog
GroupTerriers (Group 3)
SectionLarge and medium-sized terriers (Section 1)

Character and education

bedlington terrier

He is an affectionate, devoted and intelligent dog who has kept his hunting instinct. He is very cuddly, lively on the outside and calm on the inside. He must be socialized young by a firm and expert master.


A good dry industrial diet is suitable for him.


It is a dog little prone to diseases. Life expectancy: 15 years

Living environment

He enjoys the company and can live in an apartment or outside.


He loves to play, but doesn’t like to be bothered.