Suzuki Swift Sport 2020: Adding a hybrid version, the price increases slightly

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2020 Suzuki Swift Sport with a hybrid engine will be sold in the UK in April. The Swift Sport Hybrid version is part of Suzuki’s plan to meet the stringent emission standards in Europe. In appearance, the Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid 2020 is more sporty and bunker than the standard version. The new version of Suzuki Swift impresses […]

World Car Championship of 2020: A race between Koreans and Japanese

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Overcoming many famous names from the West, Asian models are gradually asserting their position on the world car industry map. Specifically, according to the recently announced list of World Car Awards of 2020, most of them are cars from Asia. In particular, the two brands with outstanding models at the top are Mazda and Kia with outstanding names […]

BMW iX3 suddenly looks like a car … Kia

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In the online premiere of the BMW concept i4, the livestream of the German carmaker accidentally leaked a glimpse of the iX3 with controversial details.   Appearing in a no-camouflage state, the completed version of the iX3 bears many similarities with the concept that was introduced in 2018. Although only partially visible on the front, the car […]

1958 Chevrolet Impala was “silverized” at the US car show

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Kuhl Racing, also known as Rohan Izawa Art Design, is the author of a series of impressive car versions with ‘metallic’ trim in recent years. And recently, the latest product of the Japanese house is the 1958 Chevrolet Impala.   This car appeared at the San Deigo Automobile Museum with a exterior similar to the two […]

[QUICK REVIEW] Kawasaki ZX-10R 2020 – Complete upgrade!

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Who is the reigning king in the last 5 WSBK races? It was Jonathan Rea, who accompanied the Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZX-10RR. The driver born in 1987 has continuously won the prestigious WSBK championship for 5 consecutive years, from 2015 to 2019 and his winning circuit has shown no sign of slowing down. On the street, the […]

Toyota Camry AWD pegs

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Recently, Toyota in North America has officially closed the price of the Camry version using 2-wheel drive (AWD). Specifically, each version of the 2-bridge variant will cost more than the 1-bridge variant of approximately 1,400 USD (~ 34 million VND), starting for the standard LE version at 26,370 USD (~ 633 million VND) and The highest for the […]

Close-up of Bentley Mulsanne Speed ​​2015

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Ever since, Bentleys have always been a symbol of elegance and nobility. In the same segment with Rolls-Royce cars, Bentley always holds the position of a formidable opponent. In Vietnam, Bentley is always in the top of the most popular luxury cars. If the Continental GT is a combination of sport and luxury, the Mulsanne exudes a […]

Admire the California billionaire supercar collection with maintenance costs

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If you’ve ever thought about buying a supercar then the price to pay is certainly not cheap. However, for collectors, that number is only enough to pay for maintenance and maintenance bills. For those who follow California real estate tycoon – Manny Khoshbin certainly no stranger to luxurious and unique cars. Recently, Khoshbin did not hesitate to […]

Bentley is talking about the use of solid-state battery on electric vehicle project in 2025

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Recently, the British car company – Bentley announced a project to develop a 100% electric vehicle model, which is expected to be completed by 2025.   Speaking to Auto News, Chairman and CEO of Bentley – Adrian Hallmark affirmed the important role of electricity in the future of British car company. “We are expected to introduce a Bentley model that […]

Tesla launches and updates many more “extreme” features in the future

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Recently, electric car company Tesla has officially introduced a new software update with changes such as increasing some voice commands, upgrading Autopilot autopilot function, automatically reading messages and many features. Other interesting features. In a recent report, Tesla said it has increased a number of control commands such as “adjust the temperature to 70,” “open the storage […]

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