Aude: The gendarmerie dog saves his twentieth person, a walker who has been missing for two days

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RESCUE The dog Happle found a walker from Audoise who had disappeared two days ago on Monday. It is the twentieth person rescued by this female saint-hubert with her master gendarme

She left Saturday morning to seek wild asparagus in the Audoise Pyrenees , before losing her way. A 70-year-old woman was found on Monday by the dog team of the surveillance and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie Saber d’Auch, in the Gers .

Happle, an 8-year-old female saint-hubert, and her master, Warrant Officer David Robin, discovered the septuagenarian after 2 km of tracking. The walker, safe and sound but in a state of hypothermia, was taken care of by the emergency services.

According to the Gers gendarmerie, he is the twentieth person saved by the dog-handler duo , which was the subject of a documentary broadcast on Friday March 13 on C8. The duo intervenes well beyond their department, like Monday in the Aude or like two years ago, when they had found alive a fifty year old disappeared for three days in the Lot .