Alsace: It offers a reward of 2,000 euros to identify the lynx poacher

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It is an unusual method, which might even surprise. But “which gives satisfactory results in Chad and Cameroon”, according to the association for the defense of animals, Sauvage Faune Sauvage . As the newspaper L’Alsace reveals , the president of the association, Jean-Paul Burget, offers a reward of 2,000 euros to the person who will identify the poacher who shot and killed a lynx on January 16 in the mountains. Vosges.

The first time

The association, based in Wittenheim (Haut-Rhin), supports in particular the fight against poaching and against trafficking in bushmeat. If this is the first time since the foundation of the association in 1993 that its president has used a reward for a denunciation, it is because he is appalled by “a world that becomes dingo” and “lack of response ” To protect the environment. “Perhaps I hope it will encourage someone to report the poacher. It may be a story of jealousy, neighborhood, money, a tout, everything is possible these days. It might encourage someone to say to themselves, “Hey! There are 2,000 euros to take, ”says Jean-Paul Burget. “We must prevent the destruction of this protected species, threatened with extinction, there are not many in the Vosges any more. “

Jean-Paul Burget is a character with a thousand African adventures, colorful and who is quick to denounce “the bushmeat traffic”, which would arrive “by hundreds of tonnes in France”, but also “deforestation in Alsace, pesticides, pollution of the water table, lack of action to protect the environment ”…. Justice also takes it for his rank, because even if he recognizes “that there is good will”, he would like “specific floors of the environment, because there is urgency.” “

The reward of 2,000 euros, offered since Monday, has still not found a taker and the investigation entrusted by the Mulhouse prosecution to the French Office for Biodiversity has not yet identified the mysterious killer of the lynx. The perpetrator (s) face up to three years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros.