A bear killed by bullets, the State will file a complaint

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The tension between supporters and opponents of the bear in the Pyrenees will go up a notch after the announcement of Elisabeth Borne. “A bear was discovered today in Ariège, shot dead,” said the Minister of the Ecological Transition on Twitter. The bear  is a protected species, this act is illegal and deeply condemnable. The prefect went there. The state will file a complaint, “wrote the minister.

Un ours a été découvert aujourd’hui en Ariège, abattu par balles. L’ours est une espèce protégée, cet acte est illégal et profondément condamnable. La préfète s’est rendue sur place. L’Etat va porter plainte.

Voir l'image sur Twitter
Voir l'image sur Twitter

“No one has the right to remove a bear in the Pyrenees, it is inconceivable. It is a protected species ”, reacted Alain Reynes, director of the Pays de l’ours association , which defends the presence of plantigrade in the massif. “Of course, [we] the associations will also file a complaint and do everything in our power to find those responsible and have them sentenced. “

A growing population, but not guaranteed survival

The number of these animals in the Pyrenees now reaches 50 individuals , according to the authorities, a level which does not however ensure the survival of the species.

France had adopted a “bear plan” for 2018-2028 providing for releases to strengthen the population in the Pyrenees, but it had been buried by the government just months after its establishment, after demonstrations by breeders.

In early April, it was the body of Cachou , a 5-year-old male, who had been found in the Val d’Aran, on the Spanish side. Local authorities have still not formalized the results of the autopsy.