3 things to know when adopting a cat

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No matter how independent cats are, that doesn’t mean they take care of themselves. This is the first thing you should know when adopting a cat. If you do not have the time or resources to take care of it, it is best to postpone the decision to adopt a cat until later. , when conditions are favorable.

However,  if you have just welcomed your cat into your home, you should:

to know when adopting a cat: this requires certain responsibilities
  • Provide him with food adapted  to his age, size and physical conditions. And always give him fresh water
  • Provide a comfortable and clean space for him to rest,  places where he can hide and feel safe (boxes, for example), adequate toys and scratching posts
  • Vaccinate and deworm it according to the veterinarian’s instructions: don’t forget to tell the specialist if your cat has access to the outside. Also keep in mind the subject of sterilization
  • Play and cuddle your cat so that it is happy and healthy: if you spend a lot of time outside the house, consider adopting another cat, which can keep him company
  • If you have children at home , explain to them how they should behave with animals. And, as in all cases, do not leave them alone with a pet

Adopting a cat is, without a doubt, a great decision, if you are able to take responsibility for it. Besides, you can learn a lot by living with a cat. Here are a few.

The lessons we learn when adopting a cat

Once all this is clear and your cat has adopted its new home, let’s move on to the things you will learn from the wonderful experience of living with a cat.

1. A cat is not a meowing dog

Although cats adapt to group life, they are not pack animals like dogs. So don’t expect him to recognize you as a pack leader or spend his life trying to get your attention. However, as they are very intelligent, cohabitation with them is quite possible. But respect their moments and their desires. Your cat will let you know if he wants to play. Or if it’s the perfect time for hugs .

2-A cat considers you its property and trusts you

If your cat rubs its head on different objects, it is because it leaves its scent traces and delimits its territory . If he does the same thing on you, especially by rubbing his head on your legs, it is because he is pointing out that you are also part of his territory.

On the other hand,  if your cat presents its furry belly to you and asks you to pet it, take it for granted. This means that he has full confidence in you And if he decides to groom you – as he does with his fellows -, licking your hands, hair, etc., congratulations. The kitten considers, purely and simply, that you are one of its own.

3- A cat improves your health and makes you happier

to know when adopting a cat: it makes you happier and healthier

Cats act as natural stress relievers Even if you’ve had an excruciating day , petting or playing with your cat on the way home will immediately dissipate the mood  and calm the anxiety and anxiety. So try it for yourself!

Different research has shown that people who live with cats are healthier and happier. Purring not only has a calming effect, it also regulates blood pressure.

Finally, be aware that when you adopt a cat, in addition to saying goodbye to depression and loneliness , you also reduce cardiovascular risks and increase your life expectancy. So take care of your cat and give it all your love!